Can You Get Dental Implants in One Day?


Can You Get Dental Implants in One Day?

People living with tooth loss no longer have to settle with replacement options such as bridges and dentures. Even if dentures are determined to be the appropriate solution for resolving your tooth loss, you don’t need to settle for traditional removable dentures. Today, people looking for permanent and potentially lifelong solutions for tooth loss can…


What Are Dental Veneers and What Can They Do For You ?

Veneers are thin shells formed of porcelain designed to mimic your healthiest and cleanest natural teeth. Those ideally shaped, sized, and colored shells fit seamlessly over teeth that don’t present the image you want the world to see. Veneers can alter the shape, size, spacing, and color of teeth by hiding all those imperfections away….

smiling with invisalign

Smiling with Invisalign

The dental disorders that require orthodontic treatment are on the rise in North America in recent years. Compared to almost 20 years back, the number of children requiring malocclusion treatments today has more than doubled. However, the increase in demand for orthodontic treatments is also affected by the substantial rise in demand for other cosmetic…

Does My Insurance Cover the Cost of Botox Therapy?

You have probably heard about Botox. Both men and women demand this procedure a lot because of its aesthetics benefits. Years ago, it was only popular among women, but nowadays, men who also want to improve their appearance by reducing wrinkles visit our cosmetic dentist in South Miami. But besides the cosmetic benefits, Botox is…

dental spa in the present times

Dental Spa in the Present Times

There is a misconception that dentists cause you suffering and pain, but our family dentist in South Miami is changing that. Nowadays, there are many techniques that dental professionals use to make the dental experience as smooth as possible. Decades ago, this was not the case. If you had a dental infection, a dentist near…