Cosmetic & Therapeutic BOTOX Near You

BOTOX can be used to treat various conditions and there are two types which include cosmetic and therapeutic. These have both been approved by the FDA. BOTOX is a drug that can minimize skin wrinkles as well as help to treat specific muscle-related disorders when administered in small doses. We are happy to provide therapeutic and cosmetic BOTOX in Miami, FL 33143.

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What is Therapeutic BOTOX Near You Used For?

BOTOX Therapeutic can be used to address disorders which include:

  • TMJ headaches
  • Teeth grinding (bruxism)
  • Grinding tension
  • Jaw pain

The above conditions are all disorders that affect nerves and or muscles. We can provide you with therapeutic BOTOX in Miami, FL 33143.

What is Cosmetic BOTOX used to address:

BOTOX Cosmetic in South Miami, FL is the first and only treatment that is approved by the FDA. Treatment is brief and can be completed in 10 minutes with minimal downtime. You can return to your everyday routine as soon as you leave your dentist’s office. This is a technique-sensitive treatment where results are subtle but still make a significant impact on your overall appearance. Cosmetic BOTOX in South Miami, FL is used for adults to temporarily improve moderate to major:

  • Lip flips
  • Gummy smiles
  • Down turn smile
  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines

If you are interested in receiving cosmetic BOTOX near you, please schedule a consultation with us.

cosmetic & therapeutic botox in South Miami

Who Can Receive BOTOX Cosmetic?

We provide cosmetic BOTOX near you to enhance your appearance. Some individuals are under the impression that only women can receive BOTOX Cosmetic or those over the age of 40. This is false. Many men make BOTOX Cosmetic part of their self-care routine. Over one million botulinum toxin treatments have been performed on men over the past three years. Age also does not determine whether or not you can receive BOTOX Cosmetic, rather it is the severity of the cosmetic issue you are looking to treat.

How Does BOTOX Work?

Both types of these treatments relax your muscles and prevent chemical signals from reaching the nerves that control the muscle. They are effective at blocking nerve impulses which cause muscles to contract. It will take 24 to 72 hours for botulinum toxic to take effect. It can take up to 5 days for the full effects of BOTOX in South Miami to take place. Depending on the treatment, the effects can last for 3 to 12 months. Your dentist will discuss your treatment goals and perform a facial analysis to identify the appropriate treatment areas. For some patients, being injected with BOTOX Cosmetic is a similar feeling to being pinched. You and your dentist will discuss any concerns regarding your discomfort and a topical numbing cream may be used before your treatment is administered.

Is BOTOX Cosmetic Safe?

BOTOX Cosmetic has an established track record with more than 16 years of published studies. It is the most universally researched and studied treatment. In 98 countries it has been approved for use. BOTOX Cosmetic cannot be substituted or interchanged for other products.

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