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Emergencies are unexpected and happen suddenly…especially dental emergencies. This can leave you feeling unprepared. Although you may not plan for a dental emergency, your dentist does. At Mirage Dental, your comfort is always our priority and our entire dental team is here to accommodate dental emergencies and unforeseen accidents. When a dental emergency arises, we are here to provide you with the attention and dental treatment necessary. Our emergency dentist in South Miami, FL 33143 is equipped and trained to address dental emergencies some of which include:- Chipped, cracked, fractured or broken teeth, Lost fillings, Severe toothaches, Tissue injury, Facial pain, or Swelling.

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Emergency Dentistry Near You

Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Teeth

Depending on the extent of the damage, you may require a dental filling, crown, veneer, or root canal. Dental fillings are necessary when there are small chips in your tooth enamel. If the affected tooth is located at the front of your mouth and visible when you smile, your dentist performs bonding which involves the application of tooth-colored composite resin. If there is extensive decay or extensive damage, your dentist may apply a crown to the tooth which protects it and improve the appearance. Alternatively, a porcelain veneer can be applied to your chipped or broken teeth. In severe cases, your dentist may need to perform root canal therapy, which prevents infection if the break is large enough to expose the pulp.


When you lose a dental filling, contact your dental office. If you are experiencing extreme pain or excessive bleeding, don’t wait to contact a dental professional. Our emergency dentist near you will examine your mouth and repair the filling.

Severe Toothaches

When you have a toothache, there is pain around the tooth, generally caused by tooth decay, an abscess, infection, fracture, or damaged filling. Your dentist will need to conduct a physical examination on the tooth or X-rays to discover what the root cause of the toothache is. Possible treatment options include antibiotics, root canal therapy, and in the most severe cases, tooth extraction.

Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue trauma includes cuts, lacerations, or other injuries to your lips, tongue, and cheek. During an appointment with your dentist, you will want to discuss what caused your recent trauma and from there a physical exam of the area is conducted. If the wound is superficial, it will usually heal on its own and an antibiotic will be prescribed, but larger cuts may necessitate stitches. Options for emergency dental treatment in South Miami, FL will vary depending on your condition.

Facial Pain or Swelling

Any dental pain or swelling that prevents you from your normal activities requires emergency dental treatment near you. Swelling or pain must be evaluated by your dentist to determine viable options to treat the issue. If you are suffering a dental emergency, our emergency dentist in South Miami, FL 33143 is here for you.

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At Mirage Dental, we provide emergency dentistry near you. When a dental emergency arises, don’t delay calling your dentist and seeking proper care. Emergency dental treatment in South Miami, FL will relieve your pain and save your smile. Our emergency dentist near you is equipped with the skills required to treat any dental emergency.