Wisdom Tooth Extractions Near You

Wisdom teeth can be a pain. At Mirage Dental, we provide wisdom tooth extractions near you. Wisdom tooth extractions are effective in preventing your back teeth from crowding, your wisdom teeth from becoming impacted (stuck in your jaw), red, swollen, and painful gums as well as gum disease. We offer wisdom tooth extractions in South Miami, FL 33143.

tooth extractions in South Miami

Why Are Wisdom Tooth Extractions Performed?

Mirage Dental Arts provides wisdom tooth extractions in South Miami to correct issues and prevent concerns that can arise in time to come. The following are issues that can occur once the wisdom teeth appear:

  • Your jaws may be too small for them to grow in, as a result, the wisdom teeth become impacted—stuck below the surface of your gums.
  • If your wisdom teeth break through your gums partially it can cause an infection.
  • Due to infection, your teeth and bone can become damaged and a cyst can develop.
tooth extractions near you

What is the Procedure for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

You may or may not experience pain when your wisdom teeth are growing in. Whether or not pain is present, your dentist will perform an X-ray to see exactly what is going on with your wisdom teeth—in other words how they are positioned and how much room there is for them to grow. If you are experiencing symptoms or your dentist predicts there will be problems with your wisdom teeth, an appointment will be scheduled for wisdom tooth extractions near you.

Before your dentist can extract your wisdom teeth, they will use a local anesthetic to numb the affected areas. Your dentist may use a general anesthetic for this, especially if you are removing more than one wisdom tooth at once. The use of a general anesthetic will cause you to fall asleep and ensure your comfort during this procedure. The night before your procedure, you should not consume food or beverages to prepare you for the anesthetic.

Removing Your Tooth

In order to remove your wisdom tooth, your dentist will use a special instrument to loosen and disconnect the tissue around your tooth. In some cases, your dentist may divide the tooth into smaller sections to simplify the removal process.

Once your tooth is extracted, stitches may be necessary. Over time, some stitches will dissolve and some may need to be removed a couple of days after the surgery. If your stitches need to be removed your dentist will inform you. Lastly, your dentist will place a cotton gauze pad on top of the wound to bring the bleeding to a halt.

Simple Tooth Extractions in South Miami, FL

This is a common type of tooth extraction performed by our dentist. This procedure is performed on teeth that are visible in your mouth, above the gumline. Some of the reasons a patient may undergo simple tooth extraction in South Miami, FL include, tooth decay and a tooth that is broken but, still above the gum line. Our dentist may also perform simple tooth extraction near you, when the root of a tooth has died or the tooth is crowded and must be removed to facilitate orthodontic treatment.

How are Simple Tooth Extractions Performed?

Your teeth are secured in position by the periodontal ligament, that consists of tiny fibers that attaches your tooth to the supporting bone. With careful manipulation performed by our skilled dentist, these fibers can be dislodged from your tooth. After they have been detached, it will require very minimal effort to extract your tooth and with local anesthesia, you will not feel anything except slight pressure.

While a simple tooth extraction is a routine procedure, having your dentist perform a proper assessment of your tooth and the surrounding bone, involving X-rays to identify the tooth’s exact shape and position, is important. If you’re looking to receive tooth extractions near you, our dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the area and minimize any pain. Our dentist will use an elevator (an instrument) to loosen your tooth even more from its socket. Once your tooth has been properly loosened, forceps are used to remove the tooth. You will be provided aftercare instructions, antibiotics, and inflammatory drugs.

If you have any questions about receiving tooth extractions near you, please contact us.

Surgical Tooth Extractions

A tooth that is more volatile and has not grown in yet, will require your dentist to remove gum tissue or bone in order for extraction to be possible. This type of tooth extraction is called surgical and necessitates stitches to close the site and promote proper healing. In many cases, the bone around a tooth may become dense, which results in the need for surgical treatment. Teeth that are severely broken down, root tips, or teeth that contain long-curved roots will usually require surgical extractions. The type of extraction needed will be determined based on X-rays and an examination of your tooth.

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Have you experienced any issues or abnormalities following the eruption of your wisdom teeth? Don’t hesitate to visit your dentist at Mirage Dental for an examination. We perform tooth extractions in South Miami, FL, and can determine if you require this procedure. Our dental team is highly trained and experienced at performing tooth extractions near you.