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Why is Root Canal Therapy Near You Necessary?

If you have major inflammation or infection in the pulp of your tooth, root canal therapy is a solution that offers a few benefits. Without root canal treatment in South Miami, FL the infection can progress and cause severe pain or an abscess to form underneath your teeth. Root canal therapy can help you maintain the strength and function of your teeth and allows you to continue chewing effectively. Additionally, this helps you maintain the tooth’s natural appearance. Lastly, root canal therapy near you can help safeguard your remaining teeth from immoderate strain and potential damage that can occur when you are not using both sides of your mouth. We are happy to offer root canal therapy in South Miami, FL 33143.

procedure for root canal therapy

What is the Procedure for Root Canal Therapy?

If you are receiving root canal therapy in South Miami, FL this will begin by assessing your tooth so your dentist can gain insight into the problem to effectively treat it. Generally, this will require a physical examination of the inside of your mouth and X-rays of your tooth to look at the pulp chamber.

Then, your dentist will administer a local anesthetic which is used to numb your tooth. Your comfort is always a top priority and your dentist will ensure that you are comfortable during this procedure. Next, your dentist will place a dental dam over the area being treated—this is a protective sheet—which isolates your tooth and keeps it dry during the procedure.

Visiting Our Office for Root Canal Therapy in South Miami, FL 33143

To clean the infected and inflamed pulp from this area, your dentist will drill an access hole into the crown of your tooth. This enables your dentist to insert specialized dental instruments into the pulp chamber and root canals. Your dentist will completely clean the residual space and shape it to prepare for a filling—this will replace the pulp inside the tooth.

A biocompatible material—gutta-percha—is used to fill the root canal. Also, adhesive dental cement is used to ensure the root canal is correctly sealed to prevent infections in the future.

Your dentist will place a filling over the opening temporarily to seal it. To protect your tooth long-term, the filling is removed and a crown will eventually replace it at the subsequent appointment.

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