Dentures Near You

If you are struggling with tooth loss, we understand just how difficult it can feel when you are living with an incomplete smile. Dentures near you are an effective tooth replacement solution that can allow you to enjoy life again! During a consultation with your dentist, they can determine if dentures are the most beneficial option for you. We are happy to offer dentures in South Miami, FL 33143.

dentures in South Miami

Complete Dentures Near You

If you are missing all of your natural teeth, we provide complete dentures near you as an affordable and natural-looking method to replace them. Common causes of tooth loss include periodontal disease, injury, and extensive tooth decay. Complete dentures in South Miami, FL are entirely customizable and provide you with the ability to eat, speak, and return to your normal activities.

What are the Benefits of Receiving Complete Dentures Near You?

  • They offer excellent and natural aesthetics
  • They work with the natural movement of your jaw
  • They are cost-effective
  • They are made from high-quality material(s)
  • They are custom-fit to the shape of your mouth

What is the Process of Receiving Complete Dentures in South Miami, FL 33143?

At Mirage Dental, you can choose from a wide variety of denture materials. If you are receiving complete dentures in South Miami, FL, this will entail

1. Dental Impressions

Your dentist will begin by taking dental impressions that are used to create your complete dentures.

2. Bite Molds

Now that dental impressions have been taken, your biting action is checked using wax blocks. The shape and color of your new artificial replacement teeth may be chosen at this time.

3. Wax Models

After the dental impressions are sent to a dental laboratory, your new artificial teeth are set in wax which helps you gain a better idea of how your complete dentures will look and work once they are ready.

4. Fittings

Following the fabrication of your dentures, your dentist will fit the artificial teeth in your mouth and ensure the fit, bite, appearance, and aesthetics of your dentures are correct.

Partial Dentures Near You

If you are missing some of your natural teeth which have caused unwanted gaps in your smile, partial dentures can restore your smile. Patients receiving partial dentures will usually have a few remaining teeth, multiple consecutively missing teeth, and healthy bone tissue. If you are interested in receiving partial dentures near you, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

What are the Benefits of Partial Dentures Near You?

  • They are more cost-effective
  • They prevent your reaming teeth from drifting
  • They can offer aesthetically-pleasing results
  • They use metal clasps to prevent your partial denture from slipping or shifting
  • They are removable which means caring and cleaning them is simple

What is the Process of Receiving Partial Dentures?

Receiving partial dentures in South Miami is a simple procedure that will involve several appointments at your dentist’s office. If you are receiving partial dentures near you, this will entail:

1. Dental Impressions

To create your custom denture a dental impression (mold) and measurements are taken.

2. Fabrication

These dental impressions are sent to a dental laboratory where your new artificial replacement teeth are constructed. To ensure the proper, shape, color, and fit, several try-in appointments may be required.

3. Final Fitting

At your subsequent appointment, your dentist will place the artificial teeth precisely for a natural and comfortable fit.

Schedule Your Consultation!

To learn more about dentures and if you qualify for this tooth replacement option, contact our dental office to schedule an appointment. We provide complete and partial dentures in South Miami, FL.