5 Facts You Should Know About Invisalign

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5 facts you should know about invisalign

Orthodontic technology has advanced dramatically over the past years, and we are thrilled to be able to offer our customers Invisalign treatment! Invisalign, also known as clear braces or clear aligner therapy, gradually reshapes your smile, just like traditional metal braces do. Compared to the latter, however, it can be more durable and is significantly more comfortable in your mouth. And since these aligners don’t have multiple parts (ie: brackets, archwires etc), they last longer and don’t slice up your gum tissues. Invisalign trays are composed of high-grade plastic that is safe for wearers of all ages. 

The newest 3D printing technology was used to create Invisalign, which is customized by our dentist in South Miami  for your smile to give you the final outcome you’ve always desired. Lastly, contrary to popular belief, Invisalign isn’t more expensive than conventional braces. 

5 Facts You Should Know About Invisalign 

1. Invisalign is Transparent

The fact that Invisalign aligners are transparent is one of their most obvious benefits. It is practically unnoticeable in comparison to the conventional appearance of braces, which includes brackets, wires, and bands. With the smooth plastic aligner, you may shape your smile without having to deal with protruding wires, irritated lips, and gums.

Additionally, since invisalign in Kendall is transparent, people won’t immediately see the aligners. People will notice a change in your smile soon, but they might never realize how you’re accomplishing it.

2. Removable 

You can take out your aligners, but you must be careful to wear them for the advised amount of time. There is a restriction on foods when wearing traditional braces. Not if you use Invisalign! You can now enjoy your favourite foods after taking out your aligners. You can take out your aligners to brush and floss as you normally would, making maintaining good oral hygiene much simpler. 

3. Using Invisalign Won’t Alter Your Way of Life

Invisalign has no restrictions, unlike conventional braces. Invisalign is transparent and removable, as was already explained. You can more easily maintain your daily routine thanks to these characteristics without encountering any obstacles. In fact, you may usually go longer between appointments, which means fewer appointments fit into your hectic schedule.

Additionally, Invisalign can be removed for formal situations. We are aware that the lives of our patients are quite hectic, which is why Invisalign is so amazing! For significant occasions, meetings, sporting events, and more, Invisalign can be taken out, allowing your Invisalign in South Miami treatment to continue without interfering with your lifestyle or goals.

4. You are Given Custom-Made Trays

Your dentist will create unique treatments according to your tooth shape, particularly for your smile.

Our dentist in Kendall will be able to decide if Invisalign is the best option for you once you have a consultation with them. After that, Invisalign would do a scan and immediately begin developing your custom treatment plan. When you return, you will be given your initial set of aligners and told how frequently to replace them. very simple

5.  It’s a Treatment Well-Known for Being Reliable

Take it from Invisalign patients instead of your dentist! Teens and adults all around the world are opting for Invisalign. People choose transparent, removable aligners for a variety of reasons, and the results speak for themselves. Invisalign might be the best choice for you if you want to raise your confidence, give your smile a more attractive appearance, or spend money on a crucial area of your health.

Talk with Our Dental Experts to Learn More About Orthodontic Care

Acquiring the proper orthodontic treatment for your needs can help you regain confidence in your smile, and our team is ready to help you with this very task. 

At Mirage Dental Arts, we offer effective Invisalign treatment. If this particular method piques your curiosity, we highly advise scheduling a consultation with our dentist right away in order to gather more information so you can make an accurate choice. 

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