Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard

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benefits of wearing a night guard

Night Guard Near You

Many individuals suffer from bruxism. Bruxism is a condition where an individual grinds and clenches their teeth unconsciously. Grinding can happen either at night or during the day, but the individual is left with headaches and jaw pain.

If you’re tired of waking up with headaches, you can talk to our dentists near you. We at Mirage Dental Arts offer night guards in South Miami.

Night Guards in South Miami

Night guards use similar plastic as retainers, which can be hard or soft. They make sure that your top and bottom teeth have no contact. Our dentist in Kendall will custom-make you a night guard so that it fits comfortably with your teeth. After making an impression on your teeth, our clinic will send the mold to a dental lab. There are different types of materials that you can talk about with our dentist in South Miami. We will help you find the perfect solution for your teeth.

Benefits of Night Guards

Night guards have many benefits for your oral health and smile.

Keep A Regular Bite

With continuous grinding and clenching, you put a lot of strain on your teeth. Grinding can alter your bite and make your teeth lose their protective enamel. Without enamel, your teeth become overly sensitive to temperature and even air.

Bruxism can even damage your fillings or cause them to loosen. Some people clench their teeth so hard they can chip.

Reduce Jaw Pain

If you constantly exert pressure on your jaw, it becomes sore and tense. You could misalign your jaw and become diagnosed with temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD). The pain of TMD can be mild or severe, but our dentists in South Miami are here to help.

Certain night guards can help align your teeth to get rid of underbites or overbites that can add to the pain in your jaw.

No More Headaches

Individuals who qualify for night guards often suffer from frequent headaches. When you’re in constant pain, you have a harder time focusing during the day and sleeping at night.

Improve Your Sleep Pattern

Even if you aren’t aware of it, bruxism can severely disrupt your sleep patterns. Our night guards in South Miami will reduce the stress on your jaw and teeth. That way, your tense muscles can relax, and you can have a more peaceful slumber.

Reduce Snoring

Clenched jaws can create issues with your breathing, leading to snoring problems. Having your bottom and top teeth separated will allow for easier breathing and decrease your snoring.

Save Money

If you are interested in receiving a night guard near you, they can save you money in the future. If you ruin your teeth with grinding and clenching, you’ll have to come to the dentist for restorative procedures and spend more money.

Using Your Night Guard

When our dentists in Kendall recommend a night guard for your oral health, we’ll answer all your questions and concerns. Using your night guard each night will help solve numerous health issues and prevent future trips to the dentist. In the beginning, your night guard may feel uncomfortable or distracting, but you will eventually become used to the feeling of it in your mouth.

If you are still feeling uncomfortable after an extended time or are experiencing any pain, visit our dentist in South Miami.

Booking With Our Dentist Near You

Our dentist in Kendall offers night guards near you to help improve your oral health. We offer extended hours so you can fit us into your busy schedule in addition to affordable pricing. Visit our dentist in South Miami today if you’re interested in learning more.