Dental Spa in the Present Times

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dental spa in the present times

There is a misconception that dentists cause you suffering and pain, but our family dentist in South Miami is changing that. Nowadays, there are many techniques that dental professionals use to make the dental experience as smooth as possible. Decades ago, this was not the case. If you had a dental infection, a dentist near you would pull it out. Today, procedures have improved, and there are places like our dental spa in South Miami that make you feel extra comfortable during the appointment.

Dental Anxiety

Fear and anxiety towards a dentist in Kendall and dental treatments are usual when people don’t know what to expect. Dental anxiety consists of stressing and fearing anything related to the dental environment and even delaying dental checkups because the patient cannot tolerate needles, the sound of dental drills, or the thought of having a doctor poking their gums and teeth. However, as we mentioned before, our family dentist in Kendall, who works at a dental spa near you, is changing the misbelief that you must fear your dentist. Keep on reading to know the new ways to calm patients during dental work and why you should visit the dental spa in Kendall.

The Dental Spa in Kendall

As you can tell, we are not referring to it as a dental office. We are trying to change the concept of it, and we offer our patients many commodities so that they feel as relaxed as possible, kind of like in a spa. We provide them with headphones so they can listen to their favorite music instead of the drilling sounds. We also give them blankets, do aromatherapy with lavender essences for relaxation, and even ask them about their favorite TV shows to play them while there are undergoing the procedure. How does that sound?

If you suffer from dental anxiety, it is definitely the right place for you. As soon as you walk in, you will notice how the dental spa team welcomes you and makes you feel at home. Our goal is that patients get rid of their fears of dental professionals and keep up with their dental appointments, which they often skip if they think they will have a bad experience at the dental chair.

In our dental spa in South Miami, we also offer coffee, and we have plenty of massage chairs for you to loosen up and feel the warmth of our dental family.

Sedation Dentistry in Kendall

And if it wasn’t enough with what we’ve explained above, we also offer sedation dentistry to the most anxious ones. Sedation dentistry consists of using a sedative to calm people’s anxieties. You may ask about it during your consultation visit and determine if you qualify for it.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

There are three common ways to sedate a patient. Let’s check them out:

1. Oral sedation – Your doctor will prescribe a sedative that you will take about an hour before your treatment.

2. Gas sedation – Your dental professional will place a mask above your nose for you to will inhale nitrous oxide or laughing gas, as it is known, right before your treatment. You will feel calm and content (hence the name) right away.

3. Intravenous sedation – Your doctor will administer a sedative intravenously, and you will be asleep but conscious during the dental procedure.

Every patient is different and has its expectations; however, dental spas are becoming more popular because people feel content before, during, and after the dental treatment. Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience for your dental spa experience!