How to Care For Your Dentures

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how to care for your dentures

You can talk, chew food properly, and smile with assurance thanks to dentures.

If you want to increase the lifespan of your dentures, proper maintenance every day is essential. When you get dentures in South Miami, our dentist will provide you with proper insights on them. 

In light of this, we’d like to offer some general denture care advice.

  1. Clean and Brush Gently

If you want your dentures and soft liners to look good and last, you must be dutiful about looking after them. You need clean dentures for oral hygiene reasons, of course, but you also want fresh breath and a bright grin. Just like cleaning your natural teeth, cleaning your dentures is equally as essential.

  1. Reline Your Dentures Every 2 to 3 Years

Many people who wear dentures think that having loose teeth is common and that they should just get used to it. As a result, they use denture glue, fail to address the problem and fail to see their denturist. This is unfortunate because routine denture care enhances oral health, comfort, and fitness. Additionally, a loose denture is more likely to shatter while being worn while eating.

Bone resorption is one of the main causes of loose dentures. It inevitably develops with age and following tooth extraction. Over time, the bony ridge that holds up your dentures progressively recedes, resulting in loose dentures and a sunken appearance.

  1. Rinse Them Off Before Putting Them in Your Mouth

After each meal, make it a routine to rinse your teeth. Bring your prosthesis to your denturist for a thorough cleaning if calculus or other debris has built up on it and you are unable to remove it. Using a denture-soaking solution might help, however, be sure to completely rinse your dentures because they might contain dangerous chemicals that, if swallowed, could result in discomfort, vomiting, and burns.

  1. Take Proper Care When Not Wearing Your Dentures

When not in use, your dentures should be stored securely in a container with a lid to keep children and animals away. To keep your dentures moist, keep them submerged in water or a denture cleaning product. Dentures should never be submerged in hot water, as this can cause warping and material loss. Never throw away your extra denture; always keep it secure in case you need it.

  1. Keep a Spare Denture

While getting dentures near you you need to keep in mind that numerous factors can cause the treatment to fail. If you are unable to have it fixed right away by a dentist near you, you might feel exposed.  Glue is frequently the first answer that comes to mind when a denture breaks, but this is not a long-term fix and could permanently harm your denture if it breaks again. If you don’t already have a backup denture, now is a good time to think about getting one made by your denturist so that you won’t be left without teeth if you lose or damage your current one.

Reach Out to a Dentist in South Miami

Do not be afraid to speak with our team here at Mirage Dental Art if you have any concerns about your dentures or how to care for them, or if your dentures have fractured or are no longer fitting properly. Make an appointment for a routine dental checkup so you can maintain a stunning smile for years to come and get dentures in Kendall.

Your mouth will look better with dentures, and you’ll feel more confident. However, it’s crucial to take good care of them. Regular cleaning not only increases the lifespan of your dentures but also promotes good dental hygiene. Always use the proper materials to clean and soak your dentures, and contact your dentist in Kendall if you experience any problems.