How To Safely Decorate Your Teeth With Gems

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how to safely decorate your teeth with gems

Does the best version of yourself include more than just healthy, clean and white teeth? If your personal style takes after celebrities like singer Justine Skye, rapper Drake, model Hailey Bieber or singer-songwriter Katy Perry, you already know that those healthy, clean and white teeth are the perfect canvas for showing your very own unique flair — using tooth gems to complete your smile makeover in Kendall.

When we say “teeth gems”, do your memories wander back to the grills in the mouths of 90s rappers? Those temporary covers usually made from gold, silver and jewels certainly qualify as teeth gems, but today’s teeth gems are typically a lot more subtle. Tooth gems that you can obtain from a dentist in South Miami are usually tiny jewels or mock jewels like rhinestones that can be attached to your teeth using specialized dental adhesive. Your choice to decorate your smile with teeth gems doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment. Typically, the gems remain in place for approximately six months. That six-month lifespan is ideal considering you’ll probably visit your dentist every six months for regular checkups. Your dentist near you will be able to remove your gems, clean your teeth and relocate or renew them.

The last thing that you want to do while getting a smile makeover near you is to undermine the health of your teeth, so don’t take on the placement of teeth gems as a DIY project; ask a dentist near you who offers tooth gems to place them exactly where you want them in a way that will preserve your teeth.

Your dentist will make sure that the teeth that you want to enhance are healthy enough to achieve your post- sparkle goals before applying a small amount of dental adhesive to the gem or tooth before placing the gem onto your tooth and curing it with a specialized light. Teeth gems are probably the very opposite of braces, but if you’re wondering how securely the gem will be attached to your tooth, it’ll stay in place just like the brackets of braces stay in place. And, to anticipate a very common question that we’re often asked, most tooth gems do not require any drilling. In fact, our dentist in Kendall recommends strongly against any alterations to or decorations of your teeth that would alter their structure.

When you’re ready to swap out your gems, return to your original blingless pearly whites or want to decorate different teeth, the staff at Mirage Dental Arts will be able to remove those gems easily and quickly without harming your teeth and without leaving behind any debris or signs they were ever there.

Dental gems that you obtain from a dentist will be made from the highest quality biocompatible materials and held in place using materials designed especially for your mouth. Why is that important? You’ll know that the materials are safe and will not cause any adverse health issues. (Be sure to let your dentist know about any health issues or allergies, of course.)

Every one of our patients is their very own unique person, and every one of you has very specific goals and personalities. The staff at Mirage Dental Arts wants to help you to feel great about the health and condition of your teeth and be free and confident enough to let your personality shine through. If your personality and panache demand a few extra sparkles in your smile zone, speak to a dentist and ask if they provide a smile makeover in South Miami.