The Difference Between Spa Dentistry and Traditional Dentistry

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the diffrence between spa dentistry and traditional dentistry

The main difference between a traditional dental office and the dental spa near you is that the latter focuses on patient experience. This is excellent for those who worry about visiting the dentist, those who want more amenities and attention from their dentist, and those seeking an enhanced dental experience. At Mirage Dental Arts, our dentist in Kendall is happy to offer spa dentistry as an innovative way of caring for your teeth.

The Health Benefits of a Dental Spa

Since almost three-quarters of Americans experience some level of anxiety when faced with a dental appointment, it is fair to say that visiting a dentist near you can be a stressful experience.

Overall, dentistry is safer and more pleasant when a patient is calm and relaxed, and appointments move quicker too! When you visit the dental spa in South Miami, you will notice that the environment has been created to reduce the amount of stress in patients, from the overall atmosphere to the staff and services offered. A stress-free dental spa will ensure that no one skips out on their annual dental visit due to anxiety or fear.

Spa Dentistry and Cosmetic Options

The dental spa also offers alternative cosmetic dentistry options not offered by general dentists. The dental professionals who work at dental spas are skilled in the cosmetic dentistry procedures required to make your smile shine, from professional teeth whitening to dental implants and porcelain veneers. Some dental spas even offer in-house orthodontists who can address bite issues without the need for a referral.

A Focus on Patient Experience

Perhaps the biggest distinction between a traditional dental office and a dental spa is the focus on patient experience. A traditional dental office has a distinct medical odor, and you can often see or hear the sound of a dentist in South Miami drilling into another patient’s teeth while waiting for your own treatment.

When you visit a dental spa, you truly will benefit from a spa-like experience. You will not notice any distinct medical smell, and you will be placed in a waiting area that promotes calming energy and relaxation. A few extra amenities are always available at a dental spa, such as massage chairs, a relaxing lobby, access to WiFi, and hot aromatherapy towels. A visit to a dental spa is truly an experience like no other.

Additionally, the staff at Mirage Dental Arts will spend the time asking about your own unique needs and preferences. When you share your needs with our dental professional, we can create the perfect dental experience for you. For example, if the sound of dental instruments stresses you out, we can provide you with headphones to listen to music while you go through your appointment.

Visit Mirage Dental Arts

If you are looking for a top-quality dental experience that puts your needs before all else, look no further than Mirage Dental Arts. With our friendly, compassionate, and welcoming staff, calming environment, and extra amenities, we guarantee you the best dental experience possible. If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact our dedicated team of dental professionals, or book a consultation today. We cannot wait to see your dazzling smile.