What to Do During a Dental Emergency

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what to do during a dental emergency

Knowing whether you need emergency dental care and whether your oral insurance policy protects you when you encounter oral discomfort is crucial.

But not every dental problem is an emergency. There’s a difference between a complex dental issue and one that demands urgent attention, the latter of which can include a chipped tooth, a serious toothache, or missing dental prosthetic.

In case of an emergency, you should consult an emergency dentist in South Miami.

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies might include a painful toothache, damage where one or more teeth have been knocked out, or a severe infection. But it’s crucial to understand when you need emergency dental care, since every situation is different.

When you experience dental pain or your mouth sustains an injury, reach out to a dentist near you right away. In addition to toothaches and other oral issues, a dentist can assist with mending trauma to your lips, cheeks, and tongue and replacing lost prosthetics.

Treatments For Dental Emergencies

Did you know that how quickly you respond to a dental emergency can affect how things turn out? Described below are some typical dental crises and what you can do to improve your chances of a successful outcome.

Understand the Type of Dental Emergency

Following are some typical dental crises and brief instructions on what to do:

  • Severe Swelling

Do you experience moderate to severe facial, mouth, or neck swelling that makes it difficult for you to breathe or swallow? Your face will frequently look swollen, and you can start to notice red or purple bruising.

  • Fragmented Teeth

Teeth that are cracked, shattered, or knocked out frequently have jagged edges. Try to locate the missing piece if you’ve cracked or chipped a tooth and bring it with you to the consultation. Be sure to just hold the tooth by its crown. Use water to rinse the tooth. Hold the tooth in the socket it came out of if you can. If this isn’t possible, try to keep it moist and preserved by putting it in a glass of milk or a container filled with your saliva. Perhaps your dentist in South Miami can reconnect.

  • Crown or Filling Lost

You might find parts of a lost crown or filling in your mouth, or you might have misplaced the full restoration. The crown or filling should be sought out and rinsed. Make every effort to reattach it to the tooth.

Apply Natural Treatments for Pain or Swelling

To lessen discomfort and swelling, you can apply an ice pack to your face and gargle with warm water.

Remain Calm

A dental emergency might be quite painful, but it will pass. As you call your dentist and ask for assistance, take a few deep breaths and attempt to remain composed.

Call an Emergency Dentist

In case of a dental emergency, contact an emergency dentist near you right away. To identify the cause and devise the best course of action for therapy, your dentist can evaluate the swollen or afflicted area.

Consider Other treatment Options, Like Surgery or Restorations

Your dentist will go over your treatment alternatives with you, which may include getting a crown, having your tooth extracted, getting dental implants, or other treatments. If necessary, the dentist might also recommend or refer you to a specialist.

Need Help? Please Come See Us!

Untreated tooth infections, toothaches, discomfort from a dental crown, and chipped or broken teeth can result in more severe dental issues. Do you need immediate medical attention for a dental injury? Make an appointment with Mirage Dental Arts as soon as possible by getting in touch with them.