When It Comes to Invisalign, Does Age Matter?

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when it comes to invisalign does age matter

Invisalign’s invisible and removable aligners are an ideal solution for people seeking straighter teeth, more consistent spacing between their teeth, and more confident smiles — at any age. Invisalign treatment varies depending on your age but can help almost anyone achieve their cosmetic dentistry goals comfortably and easily. No matter how old you are read on to understand the Invisalign options available for people of all ages.

Invisalign for children

Children between the age of six and 10 can benefit from “Phase 1” Invisalign treatment. Phase 1 treatment can help resolve alignment issues, overcrowding and narrow arches apparent in even young children with only baby teeth or a mix of baby and permanent teeth. There are five main goals of Phase 1 Invisalign near you:

  • Phase 1 Invisalign treatment for children can stop existing bite issues from worsening
  • Invisalign can straighten crooked teeth in children between age six and 10
  • The appearance of a child’s smile is an important part of her confidence at any age. Invisalign can improve the appearance of a young child’s smile
  • Invisalign can help address the consequences of some infants’ oral habits including thumb sucking and tongue thrusting to reduce ongoing complications
  • Phase 1 treatment provided to children can speed and simplify later Phase 2 treatment when the child gets older

Invisalign for teens

Invisalign can produce amazing results for teenagers. Unlike Phase 1 treatment designed specifically for younger children, Invisalign’s treatment plans for teenagers presume that the teen has the majority of his permanent teeth in place. The key prerequisite to successful results from Invisalign in teenagers is compliance with the treatment plan.

A teenager’s Invisalign treatment plan will be based on an assumption, requirement and expectation that your teen wears the aligners for at least 20 hours daily and ideally for 22 hours daily. Only teenagers mature and disciplined enough to wear their aligners for 20 to 22 hours daily and to clean their aligners and teeth regularly every day should pursue straighter teeth with Invisalign’s aligners.

Invisalign for adults

Invisalign treatment for adults is different for adults than it is for teenagers for the simple reason that teens’ teeth aren’t as firmly fixed in place as they are in the jaw of an adult. Because adults’ teeth are more firmly fixed in place, adults’ treatment plans for Invisalign in South Miami are usually longer than treatment plans for teens.

One other factor that an adult dentist in South Miami will consider when assessing the appropriateness of Invisalign in Kendall is the adult’s bone density. Bone density in your jaw changes with age and is an important criteria that affects the success of any orthodontics treatment. If your dentist in Kendall identifies any issues with bone density, the staff will recommend treatments to improve the bone density or alternative solutions to achieve your teeth straightening goals.

Aside from the potential need for a longer treatment plan and the need to consider your bone density, though, Invisalign can be an ideal option for straightening an adult’s teeth. In fact, many adults who thought they had lost the opportunity for straighter teeth once they passed out of their teens and who rejected the notion of wearing traditional braces as adults have welcomed Invisalign’s invisible and removable aligners as a path to straighter teeth — finally!

No one is too young or old to think about the health and appearance of your teeth. At any age, reach out to a dentist near you to identify the best options for ensuring you and your loved ones have the healthiest and most beautiful teeth and smile possible.